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If you are reading this page, you have been nominated by your Men's All Age, Men's Over 35, or Men's Over 45 team to be your team's referee. So that you can be available to referee your squad's matches in 2022, you need to complete the FFA Level 4 Referee Course. 

NSFA subsidise the cost of your membership for your first year of refereeing, as well as the course fee. However, the money you earn from your first three games of refereeing goes towards your uniform and equipment. After that, the rest you earn is yours to keep!

You can find all of the necessary information below outlining how you can register to be a NSFA Club Referee in 2023.


1. KDFRA Website Registration

Please complete the KDFRA Website registration at which is where you will put in important details such as contact details and bank details. 

2. Register

KDFRA requires you register with our Association via PlayFootball so that we can approve your membership and that you can complete your Referee Course. You will not be charged anything during this registration procedure.

To register, visit KDFRA registration portal on (click on link); and

  1. Click 'Get started';

  2. Click 'Already Have an Account' and then login using your Email address and Password;

  3. Click 'Continue';

  4. Select the 'New NSFA Club Referee' package;

  5. Update your contact details if necessary;

  6. You will be required to upload a recent picture of yourself for identification purposes;

  7. You will be required to provide KDFRA with your PAID Working With Children Check number;

  8. Follow the payment prompts

NOTE: If you are paying via bank transfer, our bank details are:

BSB: 062 151
A/C No.: 1009 1220
Reference: Please include your surname, initial and ‘Membership’ in the reference

For your convenience, a YouTube tutorial video has been created to assist with this procedure. You can view it below. 

Once you have done this, move onto the next step.

3. Order Equipment

So that we can get you out on the park refereeing as soon as possible, you need to help us by ordering your uniform as far in advance as possible. We anticipate in supplying you with your uniform at your selected course.

You can order your uniform via our Google Forms link

4. Enrol In Referee Course

Click on the hyperlink to the course which you would like to enrol in. There is a 3 day cutoff to enrol in a course.



Course #1: 11 February 2023 (click here to register)

Course #2: 19 February 2023 (click here to register)

Course #3: 11 March 2023 (click here to register)

Course #4: 18 March 2023 (click here to register)

Course #5: 19 March 2023 (click here to register)

Course #6: 2 April 2023 (click here to register)

Course #7: 23rd April 2023 (click here to register)

Note: it is very important that you follow this step so that we can confirm attendance numbers for each course.


Please note that if the course that you enrol in doesn't meet our minimum numbers, you will be required to move to another course. 

*PROBLEMS ENROLLING IN REFEREE COURSES* - if your FFA Number starts with a "1", you may receive a message saying "The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request." To fix this, you need to click THIS LINK and register for the QMS Education Package. Once you have done this, you should be able to enrol in the course after 24 hours. If you are still experiencing an issue in enrolling in the course, email Jake Cohen at

Once you have done this, move onto the next step.

5. Complete Online LOTG Certificate

It is an FFA requirement that you complete the FFA Laws Of The Game (LOTG) Online Certificate prior to attending a Level 4 Referees Course. The certificate takes at least 4 hours to complete, so please ensure that you allow yourself plenty of time to complete this before attending your Course. If this is not completed upon arrival at your enrolled course, unfortunately you will be turned away by the instructors on the day.​


You can complete the Online Certificate via:


Please bring a copy of your LOTG Online Certificate to the Course you have enrolled yourself in.


Course FAQs 

Q: What time does the course start and finish?

A: The course is set to start at 9:00am and finish at 5:00pm.

Q: Will lunch and drinks be provided?

A: No, you will need to bring your own food and drinks to last you the whole day.

Q: Will we be mainly inside or outside for the course?

A: The majority of the course will be run indoors, but please wear comfortable footwear and clothing as we will be doing some practical referee training on the field.

Q: Who do I speak to if I have any questions or issues?

A: Contact our Registrar at

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